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There are no shortcuts worth taking when manufacturing the best products possible.success means recognizing the needs of our clientele by offering a full line of quality inventory, quick production times and dependable delivery.” – Melinda Sanchez-Steingart
(President of Energy Metal Specialties Inc.)

At Energy Metal Specialties our customer’s needs are the number one priority.We take pride in knowing each of our staff members id committed to serving the HVAC community. wheather an order is large or small, contractors and suppliers can count on us to serve them to the best of our ability.

Energy Metal Specialties prides itself on having the best manufacturing and delivery times in the industry. Coupled with an outstanding product line and personal attention from our customer service team, our clients can be confident that the job will be done right and on time.

Metro Area Projects using HVAC products manufactured by Energy Metal Specialties

The Freedom Tower

Empire State Building


Madison Square Garden

Mount Sinai Hospital

Harlem Hospital

Citibank (Brooklyn)

The United Nations

Citifield Field (Mets Stadium)

Ralph Lauren (5th Ave)

Lulumon (Madison Ave)

NBC Studios (Manhattan)

Chase Bank (86th st. - Manhattan)

Wind Watch Towers (Hauppague,NY)

Gotham Bank (Long Island City)

Verizon (Long Island City)

Brooklyn Navy Yard

Avon Headquarters (Westchester, NY)

JFK Terminal Airport (Building 3)

St. Francis College (Brooklyn)

La Guardia Airport (Multiple Projects)

Available items.

Provide customer satisfaction in quality, delivery and price.


Customized Stormproof Louver

Leading producer of access doors is EMS. For any application, we have a variety of Louver available. Louver are made to provide entry to ducting so that fire materials may be accessed.


Motorized Dampers

Leading suppliers of Motorized Dampers include EMS. Our top aim is to satisfy our customers. We achieve our stellar track record by producing incredibly durable Motorized Dampers at a very competitive price.


Back Draft Dampers

EMS are the premier provider of Back Draft Dampers. We manufacture Back Draft Dampers for structures around the world. We have first rate customer support to handle any fire damper question you may have.

We place special emphasis on providing services for product diversification and problem solving


Ability to provide top-notch customer satisfaction in quality, delivery, and price.